How to Find Official Windows Drivers for Any Device

How to Find Official Windows Drivers for Any Device
June 6, 2023 pearltradersco

It’s best to stick to updating a device driver only if it’s currently not working. If you installed a printer, but your computer won’t communicate with it, getting the correct printer driver can only improve the situation—i.e., it’ll finally let you print. Windows 11 can detect and configure most graphics cards automatically, and you can always use Windows Update to install the latest drivers (as outlined above). However, if a particular driver is not working as expected, or you want to take advantage of new improvements and functionalities, you must install the driver manually.

  • After this, you can download the driver with the help of a drivers update software or other sources.
  • Depending on the driver, you might be asked to restart your device, this is completely normal and you can follow the on-screen instructions to do so.
  • Intel also keeps a short list of motherboards, released around the time Windows 7 was released, that fully supported the operating system.
  • The laptop you choose now will greatly influence which accessories you buy, which apps you use, windows 10 Realtek RTL8188CU driver download and even what kind of phone you carry.
  • There’s no reason to obsess about having the latest hardware drivers for every component in your computer.
  • And of course they didn’t created a restore point before making the “update” like Driver Booster do so you’re screwed.

Once you have located the right driver, download it and save the file on a suitable location (your desktop). Once the installation is complete, you may be prompted to restart Windows.

How to Update Drivers on Windows

When the scan will be finished it will shows you the list of available updates for driver. This is very important to use software with big drivers database because it’s increase your chances to find updates.

is it necessary to update drivers

Still, Windows driver library might not provide all the latest driver versions. The software like IObit Driver Booster make this method is the easiest, fastest, and delivers the result in most cases. Surely, it also may happen that you get an unstable or outdated driver.

Intel Chipset “Drivers” (Intel Motherboards)

Then, I looked at your article and found the Bit Driver Updater. I must say it is the best driver updater to perform bulk driver updates. Thank you so much, guys, for sharing such an informative document. You can do this by comparing the features of the driver updating tools you like the most. Then, you can get an idea about the features and functionalities of the tool and make an informed decision about whether you need to use such a device or not.

  • Printers that can handle XPS directly do not require any additional rendering filters.
  • There are many so-called driver updaters available in the marketplace that can severely harm your machine.
  • Checking for, and installing, uninstalled updates is as easy as selecting those respective links and buttons on the Windows Update website.
  • Sometimes, you have to update graphics driver to play games without any stutter or frame drops.

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